Campanulaceae Working Group

A forum for scientific discussion on all aspects of Campanulaceae sensu latu

Welcome to Campanulaceae Working Group

The Campanulaceae is a cosmopolitan plant family comprising some 2400 species in 84 genera, divided in subfamilies Campanuloideae, Lobelioideae, Cyphioideae, Cyphocarpoideae and Nemacladoideae (according to the World Checklist and Bibliography of Campanulaceae by Tom Lammers; 2007). This is a fascinating group of plants that has attracted the attention of researchers, amateurs and gardeners worldwide. Despite their importance as ornamentals and the many interesting aspects concerning the wild species – such as their evolution, taxonomy, pollination, anatomy, biogeography – still much remains to be studied. The aims of the Campanulaceae Working Group are to: 1) Promote scientific interaction 2) Stimulate the exchange of material, students and researchers 3) Increase inter-disciplinarity between different fields (e.g. ecology, systematics, taxonomy, biogeography) 4) Discuss and plan joint projects and grant applications 5) Stimulate collaborative field work and reciprocal help with collection of research material 6) Join efforts into producing a species level phylogeny of the family 7) Organise meetings and workshops 8) Inform on upcoming events, recent papers and other relevant material This Working Group is open to everyone. There are no charges or commitments.

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